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Upper Cervical Chiropractor
Michael Thompson, DC

Many people dismiss chiropractic as being something only for back pain, but chiropractic treatment can be used to treat a wide variety of physical issues, such as migraines and headaches, chronic pain, carpal tunnel, pain due to injury or muscle strain, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I benefit from specific upper cervical chiropractic care?
Most patients have a history of trauma; for example, car accidents, sports injuries, falls, or it may be something as minor as a bump on the head. Most of these injuries are 5-10 years old before they cause symptoms. If you feel that your body is out of balance, for example, the head is tilted, one shoulder is low, or that one hip is higher than the other, then you are most likely a candidate for our specific upper cervical chiropractic care.

Is it safe?
The upper cervical doctor applies a force in a specific direction and location determined by measurements taken from the digital x-rays. There is no twisting, snapping, or popping of the spine as with some other forms of chiropractic care. Often it is barely felt and totally painless.

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What can I expect on my first visit to Upper Cervical Clinic of North Texas?
First time patients are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time to fill out necessary forms if they have not filled them out online prior to arriving. A consultation with the doctor will include preliminary screening tests. These screening tests will consist of computerized thermographic (heat) readings of the cervical spine, measurement of leg length inequality, and postural distortion measurements while standing. If the preliminary screening tests and assessment indicate that you are a candidate for our care, then upper cervical digital x-rays will be taken. You will be asked to make a return appointment for your first adjustment (usually x-rays are analyzed by the doctor outside of office hours). The first-visit process with the doctor will typically require 30-40 minutes.

It should be borne in mind that not all cases are accepted. We only accept those cases that we feel confident that we can help. If we don’t accept your case we will certainly make a recommendation on what other type of practitioner we feel would be best for you to see.

What can I expect on my second visit to Upper Cervical Clinic of North Texas?
The doctor will review the results of your cervical digital images with you. This is the Report of Findings. If after the recommendations are made, you accept the advised care plan, then your first spinal correction will be given. Post-correction evaluations will be performed by the doctor and post images of the cervical spine may be taken to evaluate the spinal correction. At this time, the doctor will review with you ways to take optimal care of your spinal correction and you will have an opportunity to ask questions concerning your recommended care. A follow-up appointment is typically scheduled on this day, and financial arrangements are made along with a commitment to care. Each new patient will also receive a care plan at this time.

"Just what is Body Imbalance and how do I know if it has happened to me?"
Body Imbalance occurs when the C1 or Atlas, and/or the C2 or Axis, the top two vertebra in the neck, are misaligned and out of their proper position. This can occur as a result of an accident, emotional trauma, or chemical toxicity in the body. Childbirth itself can move the atlas out of position because of the massive amounts of pressure on the head and neck of the baby as it passes down the birth canal. Or childhood accidents like falling from a tree, bike or skates can misalign it. In adulthood, the atlas can be shoved out of position during minor or major accidents such as sporting accidents, automobile accidents or slips and falls. Some of the worst cases of atlas misalignment and resulting pain have been caused by minor car accidents such as being rear-ended. One indication of body imbalance is having one leg slightly shorter than the other. You may also notice that when you stand in front of a mirror one shoulder is slightly higher than another, and one hip is higher than the other. Another indication your atlas may be out of position is by having different symptoms in your body that most doctors cannot explain or find the cause for on any tests.

"How can Body Imbalance cause me to have physical problems?"
The C1 or Atlas is a donut-shaped bone that your skull rests on. Your spinal cord coming out of your brain and brain stem passes through the center of the donut shape. Your spinal cord at that point consists of trillions of nerve fibers (the nervous system) that "bottleneck" through the small opening in the atlas. These fillers eventually branch off carrying information to every part of your body. If the C1 is out of its proper position it can irritate, constrict or disrupt vital nerve signals to any portion of your body. This can cause muscle or joint pain. organ dysfunction. lowered immune system and countless other conditions that you would not ordinarily relate to a problem originating in your neck.

"Why do you call it Body Imbalance rather than a neck imbalance?"
Because it effects the entire spine and body. Wherever your atlas moves, your head moves with it. If this top bone in your neck has shifted out of position ever so slightly, no more than the thickness of a fingernail, it can move your head off center of your body. In an effort to keep the head over the center of the neck, the entire spine and pelvis will twist, pulling one hip up and one leg with it. You are now walking around on one leg that is shorter than the other. This places more weight on one side of your body than another. The wear and tear on your entire body is exactly like driving a car that is out of alignment The result can be muscle and joint pain anywhere in the body. Without correcting the problem, which originated with a single bone (Atlas) at the top of your neck moving out of position, your entire body is now imbalanced. When this continues over time, something else starts to happen. Because nerve flow is disrupted or distorted, degeneration of cells in organs can occur, causing internal physical problems that may not show up for years.

"Is it painful to correct?"
Fortunately, it’s not. The Upper Cervical Correction can be described as a slight predetermined direction of pressure applied to the first bone (Atlas) or second bone (Axis) in the neck. Depending on the technique, it can feel like a brisk thrust or a light tap just below the earlobe. That's where the atlas is. Sometimes this is accompanied by a loud noise as a table piece drops and  the bone moves back into place. There is NO twisting of the neck. This correction is engineered to reposition the weight of the head (10 to 14 pounds) over the center of the body in order to restore body balance and restore brain to body communication. When the correction is made, muscles begin to relax, blood and oxygen circulation is increased, the brain is able to communicate with the affected area, and the body's natural healing process begins. The healing process continues as long as body balance is maintained and the brain can communicate with all parts of the body.

"Does it have to be corrected often?"
That depends on your own body. Some people can hold their correction for several months, even a year at a time. Others have to be corrected once or twice a week in the beginning, then one or twice a month. Everyone is different. The Upper Cervical doctor's objective is to make as precise an Upper Cervical correction as possible. Then we must help you maintain the correction with as few corrections as possible so that you may live pain free and enjoy a better quality of life. Periodic Upper Cervical checkups. just like dental checkups and physicals, should be part of your personal preventive health care program. If you are maintaining your correction and body balance then your Upper Cervical chiropractor will not adjust you.

“How soon should I get my children under this care?”
As soon after birth as possible, and then have them checked periodically as they grow up. You could not possibly give your child a better gift than to make certain that the one organ of the body that controls all the other organs and body functions, the brainstem, is doing its job without interference from the tiny bone just below it.

“How much does it cost?”
A fraction of what you have probably already spent in your quest to get well. There will be some expense at the beginning because of the x-rays that are so necessary. But we always provide some type of payment plan that enables you and your family to get under care as soon as possible. Because insurance does not distinguish between one form of chiropractic or another, if you have insurance that covers chiropractic, it should cover Upper Cervical as well. Please bear in mind that our office is considered a cash practice. In other words, we require payment to be made at the time of service. We can then provide you with the necessary receipts or superbills you can provide to your insurance carrier for reimbursement directly to you. We do offer affordable options to pay for your care plan. We also offer several cost savings options should you opt to pay for your care plan up front through our membership contractual discounts. Overall, it cost no more than other forms of chiropractic care. It usually turns out to be the best investment of your life.

“If the Upper Cervical procedure is so good, why haven't I heard about it before?”
There are specific reasons why you have never heard about this before, and unfortunately, they are political. First, everyone is aware of the war that has been going on between the medical profession and the chiropractic profession over the last 100 years. Whenever there is a war, there is always a black out of information to the public at large. For example, several years ago when we tried to discuss Upper Cervical Care with any medical doctor or nurse, the moment we mentioned the word "chiropractor", a thick wall went up. We never were given the chance to describe how advanced chiropractic at large as become and that  there are phenomenal procedures like this one available to people today. The medical prejudice we encountered prevented us from being able to share this information with doctors and nurses who work with people who desperately needed this information, the very information that would have helped their patients avoid surgery in many cases and avoid the consumption of drugs with dangerous side effects. Because the doctors and nurses themselves did not know about this type of healthcare, and in some cases, they chose not to know, their patients have paid a high price for their medical doctor's ignorance. Ignorance of course, many lack of knowledge. Fortunately, today, more and more medical doctors are discovering how beneficial Upper Cervical health care is and are referring more and more of their patients to us. These doctors acknowledge that constantly prescribing medication is ineffective and is actually creating additional problems. They realize they have found a safe, scientific alternative that is of extreme benefit to their patients. Some of these progressive medical doctors are now becoming some of our greatest allies. One day we sincerely hope that all medical and chiropractic professions will work side-by-side for the benefit of public health. We need them both. Medicine definitely has its place. It saves lives.
The second reason you've never heard about this procedure before is because certain laws in every state and in Canada prevent chiropractors of any particular procedure, whether UC or otherwise, from freely advertising the procedure they have dedicated their lives to learning. One law in particular forbids any chiropractor of any procedure to infer that his method is superior or more advanced than other chiropractic methods. If a chiropractor does this, he/she could be severely chastised by his state board of chiropractic examiners by being heavily fined and/or threatened with the loss of his/her license. It is possible that this law was originally passed to protect the public from chiropractors making unrealistic claims about their procedure. The unfortunate result of this law, however, is that it has produced such fear in chiropractors who practice almost exclusively a specific type of chiropractic, that they simply are forced to remain silent about the benefits of their procedure. A law meant to protect the public has actually created a moratorium on vital information that could be of tremendous benefit and cost savings to the public.


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"It’s absolutely strange but amazing all at the same time, that thanks to a few precise taps I have my life back and have achieved a level of relief I did not know was possible."

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"I am someone that was very skeptical of chiropractors in the past, but would not trust my children with any other chiropractor than Dr. Thompson."

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